Hi everyone! I just released my first single on GTB Records, entitled “Giraffe Consequences.” It’s totally free and you can get it right now!


Of course, don’t forget to pick up my first two albums, either, both featuring awesome art by the pixel art genius only known as Frizz. (tumblr / dA)

Space Poupon - FREE!

Dichotomy - 1 AMERICAN DOLLAR!

The new single by Spinning Voices, grab it free on bandcamp while it’s fresh and meaty


Spinning Voices - It’s That Brat

Count the references

Coming Soon:


  1. Three Politicians In Search of Burgers
  2. Lakebirds
  3. It’s That Brat
  4. AA!ABBA!AA!
  5. Irregula
  6. Wake And Flake
  7. Freak Week
  8. Bye Bye Daruma
  9. Baruchel of Monkeys
  10. Independent Candidate For President
Stay tuned

The new Spinning Voices album will probably drop sometime before the end of this month.